"Singing with Etta makes me feel like I'm fifty again.  She sings her ass off!"   ---Delbert McClinton

"Etta Britt is and has always been one of the finest singers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. On stage... electrifying. In the studio... spot on! This album is proof positive that Etta Britt is a force to be reckoned with."  ---Lee Roy Parnell

etta often gets up and sings with me and my band. whenever she gets behind the mic I just step back. there is no better singer and performer in the  whole wide world. —PAUL THORN

seeing etta britt do her thang live is like getting some extra sugar on your corn flakes. she knows how to do it. —PAUL THORN

Etta Britt. One of the first Singers to move me when I had just moved to Nashville. This lady has supreme talent along with naked soul with heart and honesty. I am never short of being moved watching and listening to her sing. I love this record! Can’t wait til the world gets a load of this unique and power filled lady! All hail, Miss Etta Britt! —BEKKA BRAMLETT

etta britt – big voice. will throw that thang down hard! loved playing guitar for her (schedules!! bah!). but she might have impressed me the most on one of those “oh hell, the audience forget to show up to the gig” nights we all have. most singers/players just mail it in. 15 folks out there (that includes a bartender and a waitress), and 1/2 way through the opening of the 1st song etta and i make eye contact. we both grin. i was sayin’ “fuck it, let’s rock”. she was sayin’ the same thing, maybe just a little nicer. maybe not. i kinda think “not”. so we did, rock that is. and we did not let up on that gas pedal till the set was over. i’m damn proud of that gig, and her. that’s me some etta britt —dan baird

I have been mixing live sound since I began with Miles Davis in 1981 till present with Delbert McClinton. I have heard and mixed the likes of Donna Summer and Roberta Flack just to name a few. I am BLOWN away by the impeccable sound, energy and had the honor of mixing ETTA BRIT while she sang with Delbert McClinton and opened for him in Atlanta recently. She is, from a pro-sound engineer’s ears, the most incredible singer that “puts it in the mic” with all the intensity that rival all my past female employers/artists. Her voice can go from a whisper to a full blown, in your face, soulful, pitch perfect vocalist. ETTA BRIT is the consummate singer and is about time she took the spotlight to show the planet what a true gift she has. I look forward to mixing her again and hope my opinion does her incredible talent justice. —Mark Allison —Monitor/FOH Sound Engineer